FRP Footbridge Holtermoen

Our client was looking for a solution to temporarily cross rail roads, ditches and culverts. Bridge should be designed for pedestrians, bicycles and a service vehicle of 9 ton.

The bridge should be light, easy to maintain and insensitive for high voltage. Our client wanted to also get acquainted with this new material in footbridges

Fibre Reinforced Plastic / Polymer (FRP) Bridges.  Extremely lightweight, strong, durable and virtually maintenance free - these bridges are ideal for areas where access is difficult. 

FRP materials offer bridge designers the advantages of high stiffness-to-weight and high strength-to-weight ratios when compared to conventional construction materials such as steel, wood or reinforced concrete. FRP can be preformed into complete structural units, thus reducing construction time. In addition, FRPs have excellent corrosion resistance particularly against de-icing salts.



Dettagli del progetto

Ponti per parchi
2,5 m
Altezza sezione
0,75 m
Materiale ponte
Fiber Reinforced Composite
12,8 ton
Carico pavimentazione
5 kN/m² (+ Service Vehicle of 90 kN)
Lunghezza ponte
21 m
Ponti per parchi