Kristiansand access bridge

In order to enable the construction of a pipeline tunnel, but also to ensure the accessibility of several offices, a temporary bridge over the sheet pile wall pit was necessary. Our customer TT Anlegg chose the bridge system JSB-2 because this system could be installed quickly and because this bridge only needs to be put into use for 6 months.

The installation date was planned for April 26, 2022 and went without any problems in close cooperation with the customer.


Dettagli del progetto

Ponte a travi piane
total length
27 m
Lunghezza moduli
13,5 m
Road width
5 m
Altezza pavimentazione incl. sottofondo
1,1 m
Finitura impalcato
Anti skid 2/3 mm
69 tons
Design load
Loadcase 4-6, Bk 10/60 boggilast
TT Anlegg
Ponte a travi piane